My name is Yuri. I am collector from Russia. I collect beer and drink cans with beautiful big pictures and photos. Since 1989, I am fan of this one.  I keep a constant number of cans in the collection. There are 3333 cans. No more, no less. Here’s why it’s lively and dynamic. I try not to use a word a “collecting”, I prefer to call my hobby “can-hunting”. If you want to feel the difference between a collector and a can-hunter, I recommend you to visit the website  www.beercans.nl of my  partner Klasines Nijmeijer from Holland. You will see it is not just a collection, I’d rather say, It is the scientific research on “beercans”.

As for my website  I would like to pay your attention that the website is under construction. Be kind and not to judge me harshly, please.

Contact me uralev3333@rambler.ru
I would like to trade cans.
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